John E. Wilde


One Christmas Day in the not too distant past, a child was born.  This baby boy was nurtured with doses of early Rock and Roll.  As he began to grow his blood was infused with the magical vibes of Presley, Lewis, Cash and Holly.  It didn't take long for him to realize that music would be the center of his world.  His formative years were graced by the Trinity of Hendrix, Page and Van Halen.  The power of music sparked in him the desire to carry the torch.  At age 16 this young man got his first guitar and started on his journey, which was now being fueled by AC/DC, Skynyrd, Priest and Uncle Ted Nugent.
As the musical landscape changed, some new heavy hitters also influenced the development of this future legend.  Vai, Wylde and Petrucci dominated the arena and forged a melodic influence in this young man.  Now a man, he has carefully blended his influences and experience to establish his own brand of music which has come to be known as 'Rebel Rock'.  This style incorporated all of his past influences in blues, rock and metal and separated him and his band, BST, from all others.
As the self-proclaimed 'GodFather of Rebel Rock', John E. Wilde sets a new standard in the genre of Heavy/Hard Rock.  The Godfather makes no excuses and gladly carries the flag for all that have come before him with the deepest respect and reverence.
Welcome to the World of BlindSide Thunder and Rebel Rock!
You have now entered John E. Wilde's Universe!
John E Wilde's Gear

AMPS: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Multi Watt
Marshall DSL 100

GUITARS:  Gibson Les Paul Custom (main Guitar)
Gibson Les Paul Studio (1991)
Gibson Custom Songwriter Acoustic
Ernie Ball Musicman John Petrucci Majesty

Sinister Guitar Picks

** All electric guitars are loaded with EMG 81 and 85
Effects, Pedals & accessories by MXR / Dunlop / TC Electronics
Boss Tuner

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John E. Wilde keeps his rock star image up to par exclusively at The Arthur Company Salon in Warwick, RI