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Classic Rock Magazine 5-16-15

"This might be the most American record since the Star Spangled Banner. Blindside are a bunch of brawny, bar-brawling ex-soldiers-turned-guitar-slingers who play high-octane sleaze metal in the Guns/Skids vein and sing about booze and strippers. Righteous. This record should come with a firecrackers and a pack of hot dogs."

Sleazegrinder - Classic Rock Magazine

Bill Copeland Music News 5-12-15

Blindside Thunder rock hard, rock well on 100 Proof album

Blindside Thunder’s third album 100 proof is chock full of hard rock idioms spawned from the late 1980s until the present time. Swaggering lead vocals, aggressive guitars and bass, and chugging, pounding drum work are the order of the day. Recent nominees at last month’s New England Music Awards, these Providence, Rhode Island boys prove their metal on this album. This is the stuff you want playing on your car stereo as your cruising down the highway or coming out of a home stereo system during a knockdown, drag out house party.

Blindside Thunder’s current line up is John E. Wilde on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Mike “GunSlinger” Green on lead guitar; Double D on bass; and Andy K on drums.

While these boys don’t reinvent the hard rock wheel, they do play with an energy, tightness, and finesse that puts them far above a lot of other bands with a muscular sound. Opening track “Rock And Roll Junkie” has it all: tough, swaggering lead vocalist with raw, raspy voice; bracing guitar rhythm that pushes everything out of its way while being supported by a tight, solid, hard-driving rhythm section. The boys take it slow in one section of this cut while the lead vocalist belts like a rock anthem circus barker. He’s in a good place and wants to invite everyone to the party. There’s also an incendiary lead guitar phrase here that lights a fuse, heightening the suspenseful energy crackling all around.

“Bad Reputation” rides ruggedly through the jungle terrain of thick bass lines and pulsating drum beats. This singer delivers with action packed stamina during the punchy chorus. A lead guitar phrase sounds like it’s running for its life, taking twists and turns in its melodic line, making its way through the propulsive groove with fearless, reckless drive and determination.

Coming in stylishly with punchy, snappy, thumping drum work, “Tequila” is loaded with audacious rhythms that keep us listening. Solid rhythm guitar playing pushes it all along with muscular authority until a lead guitar phrase gets loose, threatening to scorch the walls with its fiery passion and incisive edge. This singer knows his job and does it well. He belts with a raw passion that makes one picture him grabbing the microphone with a grip that could strangle someone while emoting with the kind of fury that this song requires.

Blindside Thunder earns its band name with the stomping groove of “Takes My Breath Away.” It combines flinty rhythms with a gruff, macho lead vocal to create what hard rock dream bands are made of. The singer lurches over a marching groove like Godzilla lurching over Tokyo, menacing with the potential of all a voice so tough and ominous could do. There is something special going on in the way the rhythm section keeps pumping out a steady groove, maintaining a control over colors and tones as well as functioning as the locomotive engine.

“Daddy’s Farm” finds its way into the listener’s consciousness with a different twist from the rest of the album. The boys take it down low, low key, low guitar notes, low, flowing lead vocal. After intriguing with this alluring intro material, the Blindside Thunder boys jump into propulsive rock anthem. There’s enough bass drum, solid four string work, and bracing rhythm guitar to take down an elephant. This song doesn’t move to a beat and meter as much as it kicks its way forward with one of the best hard rock attacks heard at the local level in years.

Pulpy bass lines, thumping drum smacks, and jumpy guitars turn “Rebel Revolution” into what its title implies. It sparks up with contrasting lead and rhythm guitar parts as the lead vocal, with overlord reach and tone, commands attention. Just after the guitars scream out brief bits of phrase and groove, lead vocals make a dramatic appearance, pacing the song like a well written scene from a dark themed movie or cable TV program. A plethora of bass nudges, drum pushes, and guitar eruptions inspire the imagination, making one picture ominous action playing out to this well scored rocker.

Sounding off with radio ready riffs and rock anthem size, “Human Race” buzzes and hums with steady authority. Tight ensemble playing here could knock down doors and walls while impressing with nuances from each instrument. Every nice touch comes together just right, weaving a hard rock wall of sound that envelopes all around it. Guitar phrases soar by like missiles and the lead vocal is as gruff and rock steady as usual.

Blindside Thunder close out their album with “Burn.” And burn it does, slapping out riffs and drum smacks with a persistent oomph. You can feel every one of the bass notes that, along with the steady stick work, shoves this song forward like an intimidating force of nature.

Blindside Thunder live up to their hard rock reputation with this third outing. With three discs to their name and a recent NEMA nomination for Metal Act Of The Year, they should gain a larger share of the local hard rock audience in 2015. They also have a down to earth demeanor that many found charming at New England Music Awards. Part humble, part honored, and part WTF, I can’t believe we were actually allowed into this place, they made quite a few new friends and admirers.

Rock n Roll Circus Album Review

Blindside Thunder are a 4 piece band coming screaming out of Providence, Rhode Island, USA. These guys have reincarnated classic rock, blues and metal and forged it into their own unique style which they've established and put their own patent on as Rebel Rock!. They're here to party, rock your world and sing about hot women, good friends and great parties!. With hard drums, heavy guitars and a passion to give their fans everything and more, Blindside Thunder are here to create stripper music for the imaginative house wife and give that "smash the dashboard" feeling as you drive down the highway!. The band have always kept their feet firmly on the ground, never forgetting their roots or where they've come from. They give 110% in everything they do and always go out of their way to support philanthropic endeavours. With 3 of the band members having served in the armed forces, these guys are salt of the earth people that feel a strong kinship with the every day, hard working fan and their strong patronage elevates every show they do to the next level.
Blindside Thunder are :-

John E Wilde - Lead Guitar & Vocals,
Dan - Bass,
Mike P Green - Guitar, and,
Andy K - Drums.

Blindside Thunder's first release was back in 2012 with their debut EP, The Truth Hurts. This was quickly followed up by the bands first album, The Storm, which was released in May 2013. Now we look at their hotly anticipated new album, 100 Proof, which is due for release in February 2015. So let the party begin and let's hear these guys rock!.

Rock N Roll Junkie - A catchy, distorted guitar hook instantly fires you up as the drum fills and rhythm guitar add their weight. A harmonic blast down the fretboard then launches this juggernaut down the highway and gets us rolling. Chugging rhythm guitar, power chords and drum fills are all here with the classic attitude and swagger of rock n roll. The guitar solo at the bridge pleasing any air guitarist as they windmill around their room. This is definitely one to crank up to the max and get any metal head thinking, hell yeah!. Feel good party rock is here and taking it to the next level!.

Bad Reputation - A drum fill launches the guitars into a full on seductive swagger, fit for all the bad girls out there to want to grab their stripper poles and show some attitude. The guitars grind and the drums thunder along with a locomotive rhythm, power chords and wails adding attitude to the track. The guitar medley at the bridge sealing the deal to this awesome track of girls gone bad and oh, how we love bad girls!.

Tequila - Rolling tom tom beats accompanied by guitar licks and chugs launch the track with confidence and swagger. This track struts around, hunting it's prey, seducing, tempting. The lure of tequila bringing you to your knees being the theme of this awesome track. The rolling drums and guitar grind really make you feel like your being seduced as you listen.

Take My Breath Away - Sat in a bar and noticing a woman that takes your breath away?, this track is all about it. The drums roll in as the guitars strut around with the lyrics and high hat fills. This has swagger and attitude to bring the seduction and chase to the table.

Daddy's Farm - Opening with a clean blues rhythm on the guitars and drumstick taps, the southern style sound comes alive with the lyrics. The song soon fires up into a feel good hard and heavy rock n roller with a ZZ Top feel. Distorted blues riffs seriously igniting this awesome track into one hell of a foot tapper!.

Rebel Revolution - A brooding bass line rumbles alongside the drums, bringing in the crunching guitar rhythm. The lead guitar emerging with its wail before setting this track off with its attitude and defiance. A battle cry to unite, a track to ignite the fire within!. Awesome bass lines throughout this track and the whole tone of this track getting you ready for the fight!.

Human Race - A heavily distorted rhythm guitar with a Black Label Society tone brings in the tom toms and lead guitar with a plectrum slide down the strings. The track emerges with a freight train rhythm and a defiance in the lyrical tone. Chugging guitars and wails throwing their weight into this awesome grind before the guitar medley at the bridge throws even more conviction into the mix.

Burn - Classic tom tom and snare beats with cymbal fills accompany the rhythm guitar hooks, bringing in the lead guitar with its wailing defiance. The track subsiding slightly to let the lyrics emerge with a background rhythm and guitar grind. The song gently rising in attitude with cymbal hits and guitar hooks to keep this track rocking with some serious conviction.

Blindside Thunder have produced one hell of an epic, feel good rock and roll album with 100 Proof!. The bands musical influences over the years have seriously rubbed off on the them and we have everything here from blues, metal and pure rock and roll to bring us this album with a party atmosphere and attitude. There isn't a bad track on this album!. Every song will get you cranking the volume up, head banging and feeling good. If this is Rebel Rock, sign me up for more!!. If you like Motley Crüe, ZZ Top, Warrant, Van Halen and Black Label Society, check out Blindside Thunder because they will seriously fire up your rock and roll senses!. Awesome rock and roll is back!!.

BST - 100 Proof, 100% of the Time

100 Proof - Blindside Thunder deliver yet another quality fix of American Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. This release sounds absolutely awesome. Delivering a sound that you come to expect is nothing but first rate. Drums bring the thunder that feels like a 100 tons of crushing cinder blocks. Guitars blaze like molten metal and incinerate everything its path. Bass guitar work holds down the low-end and help give Blindside Thunder their trademark sound. Vocal work on this release really rise to the occasion and give the music a run for its money. John really seems to have stepped up his game on this album and leaped a couple levels in his vocal delivery. Rather than fill an album with a couple of good songs and a bunch of filler, BT has crafted a disc with eight tracks that rock. One stand out track is, “Take My Breath Away” with its true swagger and sex appeal. This is the type of album that you want to put on and have a good time. Blindside Thunder have a great talent for writing party anthems that make you want to throw back a few cold ones and grab your girl. The opening of “Rebel Revolution” has a really cool crawling vibe that helps unfold a track that is a call to arms and makes you want to join the Blindside Army. From the opening grind of guitars in “Rock n’ Roll Junkie” to blazing leads in “Burn” Blindside Thunder delivers again and again. If you are a fan of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal then I would highly recommend checking out this album because it delivers 100% of the time with pure 100 Proof.

National Rock Review - 11-11-14

BlindSide Thunder is bringing a new genre into the rock n’ roll world with Rebel Rock, their mix of classic rock, blues, and metal gives life to the new genre. Front man, John E. Wilde, who coins himself “The Godfather of Rebel Rock,” delivers solid vocals to the bands riffs and rhythm. Their recent release, The Storm, is a feel good record reminiscent of the underground 80s rock and punk clubs, yet has that modern twist you would expect. The album starts off with tunes like “Dream Girl,” “My Baby Loves To Dance,” and “She Wants Sex,” which delivers the electrifying rock that would echo through arenas and bars in years past. Song after song, you start to hear and understand there was a different type of musical element people longed to hear. The album brings an amazing and long overdue sound with the thunderous anthem, “Take Me Down,” and then takes the listener into the sexually driven, “Slow, Hard & Steady.” The band, which is made up of four pros who wear there vests with their Rebel Rock insignia wherever they go. They are out to make a long lasting statement in this world of music diversity. The band consists of John E. Wilde Knapp (vocals/guitar), Dan “Double D” D’Alessio (bass), Mike “The Gunslinger” Green (guitar), and Jim “The Animal” Steel (drums). The leader of the gang of rebel rockers is John E. Wilde, whose charismatic persona resonates to any audience, young or old. His wild rock n’ roll inner being rings throughout this album, with plenty of rhythmic techniques and grasping guitar romps. The audience definitely gets a sense of the wild front man in “Blue Agave” and “She Wants Sex,” which continues down the rock n’ roll path giving party goers that “good time rock n’ roll feeling.” The Storm has received much global success, with nearly 100,000 likes on their Facebook page. However, BlindSide Thunder is not reinventing the music industry with this album. What they are doing is changing the meaning of the term, “rock is dead.” The band is headed back to the studio, after a long road of touring, to finish their follow up album 100 Proof, which promises to lift John E. Wilde and BlindSide Thunder to the top of the rock charts. 2015 should be a good year for the band with their new album hitting the shelves and back on the road with a USA tour, as they have coined it, “The Rebel Revolution.”

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